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Raúl Jorge Chávez Silva / Jueves 21 de agosto de 2008
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  • E - Poemario
    24 de enero de 2019, por wesd
    Squirtle is very kind so that many Fake Supreme Nike Shoes character like to be friend with it. It most time live in see. and like to eat Aquatic plants. it is a good example of kids.
  • E - Poemario
    24 de enero de 2019, por yous
    it is call Squirtle. from cartoon “Cheap Pharrell Williams Shoes Human”, it look like a turtle, body is blue color, heard is round. and it is good at swimming. two eyes is purple. there is brown color turtle shell on its back. the shell as a shield to cover many attack. four limbs is too short.
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